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FI-NAL-LY - Markus N.
April 12th, 2010
01:07 pm


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Flying didn't happen on the last two weekends due to me being sick and weather.

But on Saturday I was finally there. Weather was not really good, but looked flyable. About 6/8 cu.

First the checkflight in the ASK 21 with an instructor. (mandatory at the begining of the new season, and should be the first flight for holders of a new license as me.)

It went so-so. Never an issue of safety, but there were a few style issues. And the nasty wind-shear that we often encounter at the beginning of our landing strip stole me 10 km/h there, so I came in rather short.

On the first flight in the LS4 I launched the aerotow a bit cocky. So after only 12 minutes I was grounded again.

Next time I towed a bit higher. 1 hr 24 minutes of real fun ensued. Then it was getting late and the thermals died down.

Weather on Sunday was marginal. Almost overcast, cold, a lot of Bise (our local cold nort-easterly wind). Only our most secure experts went cross country (all of them with the insurance of a motor stowed away in the fuselage.) So I pottered around the airfield. The first flight ended prematurely again. On the second one I was able to ride the choppy thermals summat better, it lasted 1 hr bang on the mark. Towards the end of the flight I served as the weather relay to the x-country fliers coming back; showers pulled through left and right of the airfield.

It feels good to be in the air again. Now desperately waiting for some flyable weather.

But first, tomorrow evening, the first winch-evening. Something we try the first time at our airfield. We don't usually have a lot of winch activity; our airfield is too short for sensible launch heights. But pilots flying from other airfields can use their winch-launch permit, and with our usual regime it was difficult to get and keep it. Now, with one winch event per month, this sould become easier.

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Date:April 15th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you finally got out :)
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